How to fix Pink Textures in Mobile Legends?

Pink Bug is common in Mobile Legends these days. It normally occurs when you want to modify files of the Mobile Legends using advanced techniques, for example, Worst Injector skin unlock tool. In this guide, we would like to solve the Fix Pink Textures using simple steps.


Steps to fix Pink Bug Issue?

Step 1. Install the ZArchiver app from Google Playstore

Step 2. Open it.

Step 3. Open Android Folder and then choose data folder.

Step 4. Now, open folder.

Step 5. Open files folder.

Step 6. Open dragon2017 folder.

Step 7. Now, open assets folder.

Step 8. Open Document folder.

Step 9. Now, use the search option to find Document.unity3d. Delete it.

Step 10. Go back and open Mobile Legends.

How to fix pink bug issue with MarJoTech PH App?

This is another method and also recommended way to clear all your Mobile Legends bugs caused by skin unlocking tools.

Step 1. Download MarJoTech ph from the official site.

Step 2. Now, open it.

Step 3. Give all permissions.

Step 4. Tap on All Bugs fix button.


Step 5. That is it. It solves all problems.

The best guide to solve all your issues with Mobile legends. We have plans to introduce the Fix Bugs issue option in our Worst Injector soon to rectify all issues with a single tap.

So, kindly follow this blog to know the new feature and its usage.

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