Worst Injector

Get Worst Injector App to inject ML Skins, Recalls, Effects, Battle Emotes and more.


Are you excited to get the new Mobile Legends skins for your favourite character? If yes, you can get it by using our Worst Injector APK developed by Worst Gaming. We always look for publicly available latest released skins of all ML Heroes and upload them to our servers. So, you guys can have them for free with just a single click.

Worst Injector App is developed for those fanatics in mind. So, get our injector from this official page to enjoy playing with the latest skins, unlocked battle items, effects and more.

download worst injector apk latest version for android

What is the Worst Injector APK?

Worst Injector is a simple tool application developed by Warlito for Mobile Legends gamers. It is formerly known as the Worst Gaming Skin Injector. Many still prefer this name as it addresses the creator’s youtube channel name. The main purpose of this injector is to offer ML skins to popular Mobile Legends characters or heroes. We really work hard to bring the latest released versions.

Worst Injector App is developed for those fanatics in mind. So, get our injector from this official page to enjoy playing with the latest skins, unlocked battle items, effects and more.

App Information

NameWorst Injector
DeveloperWorst Gaming
Size7.7 MB
Last updatedMay 10, 2024


The features are working perfectly without any errors.

Winrate Calculator

The win rate calculator is an exclusive feature introduced in our injector. This has to be added in every MLBB Patcher to give better insights about the matches that need to be won to achieve the desired win rate.

Unlock Mobile Legends Skins

We offer multiple Mobile Legends character skins for free. Our app is designed to unlock your favourite hero’s latest skins include Assassins, Mage, Support, Fighter, Marksman, and Tank.

Battle Emotes

Worst Injector has a lot of Battle Emotes that you can use while playing the game. These tiny reaction messages help you to enjoy, especially when you play with your close friends.

Loading Screens

We have simple loading screens, which will probably most of the players love to use. It just replaces the loading animation of the Mobile Legends screen. We are fans of anime shows, So we decided to add popular anime characters.

  • Spy x Family – Anya
  • One piece – Chopper
  • Jujutsu Kaisen – Itadori Yuji
  • Attack on titan – Lavi
  • One Piece – Luffy (2)
  • Naruto
  • One piece – Character mix (3)
  • One piece – Zero


Upgrade your existing recalls from the classic recalls. These are 3 Champian, Dashing Cat, Firecrown, Seal of anvil crawlers and Super Return.

Elimination Effects

Elimination effects appear when you kill the enemy. KO, Roaming Ghost, Super Kill, M1 championship, Star, RIP, Joyous Party, Darkest Takedown, and Knockout are some of the available.

Analog Controllers

Worst Injector added some of the analog controller aesthetics. These are Angela – Heartstroke, Claude – Bad Bro, Fanny – Blade, Layla – Miss Hikari, Hylos – Jungle & Mellissa.

How to Install Worst Injector APK on your Android Device?

For Android 11 or above devices, you have to perform an extra step, i.e., select Android folder >> Data.

Step 1. Download Worst Injector APK from this official page.

Step 2. Go to the device storage and try to install the APK from there, or you can directly tap the APK file from your Chrome “downloads” section.

Step 3. Allow unknown sources permission if you have not yet enabled it.

Step 4. Tap on the install button.


Step 5. Tap on the open button.

Step 6. Allow storage option.

Step 7. Enter your Mobile Legends user ID and Zone ID. This is an optional step. It is just to retrieve your nickname.

Step 8. If Worst Injector detects Android 11, now you will have to grant access to patch Android >> Data. So that it will fetch or inject files.


Step 9. Now, you have to click on the continue button.

Step 10. Choose skins or other items to use.

How to use Worst Gaming Injector App?

Below, we would like to show you how you can inject skin using our Worst Injector app. The same steps apply to injecting recalls, elimination effects, and loading screens.

Step 1. Open app.


Step 2. Search for your favourite hero.

Step 3. Tap on it.

Step 4. If you are using Android 11, it will ask you to allow permission. Grant patch (android >> Data) access.

Step 5. It will show you the available skins of that hero.

Step 6. Choose and Tap on Select.


Step 7. Finally, tap on the Inject option. That is it.

Final Words

Worst Injector App is a simple yet working Mobile Legends Skin Injector Tool for Android devices. Many patchers like MarjoTech PH, Reborn IMOBA and others provide way too advanced features like Rank Booster. However, those are not as safe as our Worst Gaming Injector, and there are chances of triggering a ban mechanism. So, to be safe, we recommended our app over the remaining.