How to fix Lesley Skin with Worst Injector?

Many people were facing issues with Lesley skin. So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can fix Lesley skin bug with our Worst Injector app. The steps are very simple to follow.


Steps to Fix Lesley Skin?

Step 1. Close your Mobile Legends. That means the first step is to restart it. Even clear from recents.

Step 2. Open Mobile Legends.

Step 3. Now, minimize it.

Step 4. Open Worst Injector.

Step 5. Find Lesley skin and try to inject the same skin again.

Step 6. Again open Mobile Legends from recents.

The above tutorial works for Gusion skin also. If you have problems with that, kindly follow the steps exactly the same as mentioned above.

I hope you fix skin issues with this guide. So, kindly keep visiting official site to know new features and guides.

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